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Pumpkins at INCC!

This is our SIXTH year to sell pumpkins as a fundraiser for our summer youth mission trip and there are so many benefits to this unique fundraiser! 

Why a pumpkin patch?
- It gives INCC an opportunity to get to meet the community and the community an opportunity to get to know INCC! 
- Pretty much anyone and everyone can help with the pumpkin patch!
- It is a fundraiser that involves the community of Irving and shows our community how much INCC supports our youth and their mission trip!

How it works
- We receive a delivery of pumpkins and unload them.
- We coordinate helpers to work the patch.
- We sell pumpkins for at least 8 hours a day until Halloween.
-We get keep a certain percentage of pumpkin sales that will go to support our summer youth mission trip!

Feel free to check out Pumpkins USA site to find out more about our fundraiser.

Thank you pumpkin patch helpers and community for supporting the youth at Irving North Christian Church!